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Hand Turned Wooden Pieces

Each Piece Has Its Own Story

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Walnut Bowl

Maple Bowl

Live Edge Mulberry

There are many hidden secrets under the surface of wood.  When turning a bowl, you have to decide what best suits the piece.  Air turning is a little more intense with higher speeds and shapes that do not have round edges.  Heather Handler has a unique way of doing bowl turning and constantly invents new designs while turning.

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What would you do with a little piece of exotic wood or acrylic?  Heather Handler makes smaller exotic pieces.

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Openers, Stoppers, & Jewelry

Maple Lidded Box With Ebony Top

Flower Coasters Acrylic and Walnut

Cherry Sculpture 

Acrylic Pendant

Writing Utensils

Pens or Pencils


Pen + Pencil + Stylus Sets

Writing utensils require a softer touch and a completely different set of skills from larger turned items.  Heather Handler has found a way to turn these delicate pieces while keeping their integrity.  

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About Handler Woodcraft

Heather has always been handy and interested in art.  While getting her Biology degree she took private art classes.  She began teaching Biology in 2006 but continued to paint in her spare time.  In 2017 she began to paint directly onto raw wood with acrylic paint.  She also got a new job teaching High School Design and Engineering.  It was there in early 2019 that Heather was introduced to woodturning.  The First State Woodturners offered to teach her students one on one while also teaching Heather.  She was thrilled! Heather is a current American Association of Woodturners member, a Women in Turning member and the WIT representative for the First State Woodturners.  She learns new skills every day and is in constant contact with her woodturning club.  Heather sees opportunity in every piece of wood.  She loves the connection with nature that woodturning brings.




Heather is always looking for ways to push herself.  These art pieces are uniquely hers and push her abilities. To see more follow us @HandlerWoodcraft on Instagram


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